At Serenity Yachts, we believe that luxury and technology go hand-in-hand. We offer pure electric and hybrid yachts that use solar panels to give you a power catamaran with a virtually endless range. Not only do we strive to eliminate the dependency on fossil fuel, we are also committed to building yachts that cannot be outdated.

Instead of relying on current technology that may quickly become obsolete, we have designed many of our systems in a way that makes them easy to upgrade as new and improved technologies become available.


Our shipyard is home to the best and brightest of shipbuilding. These men and women are not mere craftsmen; they are artisans, masters of their craft. With their many years of experience, they expertly mold and infuse carbon fiber to give you a yacht unlike any other – a Serenity.

Excellence & Customization

At Serenity, we do not want to just build you a yacht – we want to build you your yacht. Each yacht that we build is customizable. Your Serenity will not be just another boat off the production line, it will be a reflection of its owner.

Design & Performance

Our goal with every series is to design our yachts in a way that gives them maximum efficiency and the best possible performance. Every millimeter of our hulls has been carefully engineered to provide the smoothest ride, the best handling in all sea conditions, and the most efficiency from your solar panels.