World Ocean Day,  June 8  image
June 08, 2022

World Ocean Day, June 8

World Ocean Day takes place each year as a global celebration of the ocean and marine life that connects us all. Today, on World Ocean Day, people everywhere can celebrate and take action for our shared ocean.

At Serenity Yachts, we not only strive to eliminate dependency on fossil fuels; we are committed to building yachts that stand the test of time. We design our systems to make them easy to upgrade when new and improved technologies become available. From the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic flybridge, every part of the yacht is designed to maximize efficiency and performance. 

At Serenity Yachts, our vessels allow passengers to explore the most beautiful and unique places in the world without damaging or polluting our reefs and oceans in the process.

Solar-powered yachts are the future of boating and not just because they are better for the environment. The electric propulsion on all Serenity Yachts saves fuel while also allowing those onboard to cruise in unbeatable silence – just you, the sea, and Serenity. 

Serenity Yachts combines sustainability and luxury and develops innovations that are highly efficient, eco-friendly and respectful to our oceans. By working together, we can – and will – protect and restore our shared ocean and climate. Join this growing global celebration and continue to raise awareness with us year-round!