Indulge Magazine: {YACHT LIFE} Contemporary Catamarans image
June 25, 2020

Indulge Magazine: {YACHT LIFE} Contemporary Catamarans

This article first appeared in Indulge Magazine. 

These solar-powered catamarans will surely make Greta Thunberg smile. What started off as a family project for husband and wife Boyd and Elizabeth Taylor has transformed into a company that’s changing the catamaran industry for the better. 

“We wanted to do something sustainable, and where a difference could really be made,” Boyd says. The ocean-going vessels, which are built in Turkey, can travel around the world without a drop of fuel (sunshine permitting, of course). Serenity’s 64-foot catamaran boasts 700 square feet of solar panels, while its 74-foot series has nearly 1,200 square feet of panels. The boats are also available with diesel engines and a generator for additional speed and power.

But being powered by renewable energy isn’t Serenity Yachts’ only allure. Boyd has created boats that are unimpeachable by all sides, and that means elevating the luxury of catamarans with a spacious salon, flybridge and fully customizable interior.

Serenity Yachts offers ecocruising without compromising comfort, luxury or space. It provides an unparalleled experience on the water: a breezy, peaceful voyage without the hassle of sails or the rumble of a motor engine. It’s just you, surrounded by nature.

The catamarans, which are delivered in 12-16 months, depending on customization, range from $3.3- $5.5 million. Clients can design their boat layouts from start to finish, including teak decks, hardwood interior floors, stone bathrooms and more.

The three-year-old company has a demonstrator vessel docked in South Florida with hopes of opening up a showroom in Miami next year. “Getting a boat to Miami, the center of the yachting industry is the moment we’ve been waiting for,” Boyd exclaims. It’s what Miami has been waiting for too. These spacious self-sufficient vessels, perfect for social distancing, feel less like boats and more like posh seaside homes you can safely travel in.