Happy Earth Day image
April 22, 2022

Happy Earth Day

Green Technology, Luxury and Performance Come Together
for a Sustainable Cruising Experience
To commemorate Earth Day today, April 22, Serenity Yachts
 reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by building the next generation of vessels that are not only green, but are performance-driven and made with today’s modern sea traveler in mind.

In addition to the fuel savings and sustainability that come from solar power, the quiet electric motors make for a much more comfortable and luxurious experience. With Serenity Yachts' solar-powered yachts, those onboard can relax and enjoy the fresh air without the smell of diesel fumes or the rumble of a generator. 

At Serenity Yachts, our vessels allow passengers to explore the most beautiful and unique places in the world without damaging or polluting our reefs and oceans in the process.