Doing Our Part for World Water Day image
March 22, 2022

Doing Our Part for World Water Day

In honor of World Water Day today, we're focusing attention on the importance of Earth’s most precious resource. Today, and every day, Serenity Yachts is continuing to protect our waters by reducing the yachting industry’s carbon footprint with its solar-powered vessels. Serenity Yachts is paving the way in the yachting industry and making strides to become a global eco-player through innovative technology advances and green initiatives to help preserve the earth for future generations.
Serenity Yachts strives to eliminate dependency on fossil fuels and is committed to building yachts that stand the test of time. Each part of the yacht ― from the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic flybridge ― is designed to maximize efficiency and performance.
Serenity Yachts’ fine craftsmanship can be experienced in its two lines of vessels – the Serenity 64 and Serenity 74. Each is equipped with the latest technology and offers a selection of the most cutting-edge equipment in navigation, entertainment, and smart home technologies.
Serenity Yachts believes the future of yachting is in solar technology and wants to show the world that yachting can be sustainable. Today, Serenity Yachts encourages you to reduce your carbon footprint and protect our climate, wildlife and precious waters.