We believe that luxury & technology go hand-in-hand.

We offer pure electric and hybrid yachts that harness the most natural source of energy - the sun - to give you the virtually endless range of sailboat with the space and comfort of a power catamaran.

Solar-Powered Yachts

Solar Power

Solar-powered yachts are the future of boating and not just because they are better for the environment. The electric propulsion on the Serenity 74 saves fuel costs while also allowing you to cruise in unbeatable silence – no rumble of the engine, no smell from the diesel fumes – just you, the sea, and Serenity.

Virtually Unlimited Range

Thanks to the 110 m² of solar panels, the Serenity 74 is able to cruise endlessly at 7-9 knots while still providing power to all of your amenities onboard. You get the unlimited range of a sailboat without sacrificing the ease, space, and comfort of a power catamaran.


Each Serenity is equipped with the latest technologies on every front. We offer a selection of the most up-to-date equipment in navigation, entertainment, and smart home technologies.

Charter Value

The Serenity 74 is the ideal yacht for chartering. Along with the immense savings on fuel and maintenance costs, our yachts feature plenty of entertaining space as well as six spacious cabins, each with its own entrance and head. The two forward cabins can be configured as crew cabins or, optionally, as family cabins with additional access from the adjoining suite.

Nothing finer under the sun

Whether you are heading to a spot you know well or exploring a new oasis, there is no better way to do it that in the peace and comfort of your Serenity.